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"St. Vincent’s has enjoyed a great branding opportunity with its partnership with JAXSPORTS. It allows us to continue to demonstrate our leadership in sports health management."

- Kyle Sanders, President, Population Health&Care Continuum/COO, St. Vincent’s Medical Group

"JAXSPORTS is the best organization in Jacksonville for meeting the “Decision Makers” and having a ton of fun in the process. Thank you JAXSPORTS! "

- Josh Sizemore, Owner, Worldwide IT

"When I joined JAXSPORTS I was just supporting their mission, but in the three years I’ve been a member my business has increased tremendously through the contacts I have made."

- Jeff Whitaker Owner, Dome Hats

"Being a member of JAXSPORTS is a critical piece in our support of the local community. We are proud of the work that is being done to bring more world-class events to Jacksonville and the charitable efforts that are a key part these events."

- Tyler Brown, Vice President – Marketing,