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Committee Membership

The JAXSPORTS Committee has existed as a body of Jacksonville’s strongest advocates for over 50 years. Now a group of over 250 men and women who are passionate about sports and the Northeast Florida community, the JAXSPORTS Committee continues to push forward the mission of our organization – to enhance and positively impact the quality of life and community pride in Jacksonville, along with generating economic impact and growth for Northeast Florida through professional and amateur sports. For more information or to join the committee, contact our Director of Membership, Jodi Beere, at the bottom of this page.

Committee Events

From Committee Meetings to the annual member golf tournament, JAXSPORTS Committee Members have a calendar packed with exclusive events. Over 250 of Northeast Florida's most prominent business and community members come together to socialize, talk sports and make an impact on the future of our city!

Ambassadors for Jacksonville

JAXSPORTS Committee Members are community ambassadors both at home and on the road. They serve as the face of Northeast Florida for out-of-town guests during sporting events in our city and have the opportunity to scout college football games throughout the year as TaxSlayer Bowl Representatives. Our Committee is passionate about sports and about Jacksonville and there is no better group of ambassadors to our community.

Opportunities to Serve

Committee Membership doesn't end with a green jacket. Our JAXSPORTS Committee members have the opportunity for deeper involvement in our organization, helping to shape events and ensure their success. From the stages of planning to the day of the event, there are hundreds of opportunities for our Committee Members to put their stamp on sports in our city and make a lasting impact in the community.

Raise Support for the Cause

As a not-for-profit organization, JAXSPORTS relies heavily on the support of local partners, sponsors and fans. Committee Members champion the cause and serve as a fundraising body for events creating a financially solvent opportunity for sports and entertainment to grow in Northeast Florida. Without their efforts, we could not continue to work towards our mission of positively impacting the quality of life in Jacksonville while enhancing the economic impact of events on our great city.

Committee Members are selected through nominations by current members of the JAXSPORTS Committee or by special invitation. For a full list of current JAXSPORTS Committee Members, Click Here. To learn more about the JAXSPORTS Committee,
or to join, call us at 904-798-1700.